BSA Cloud Report

Case Studies

The 2013 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard — the first-ever report to track year-over-year change in the international policy landscape for cloud computing — shows that cloud readiness is improving, if unevenly.

In addition to the broad findings, this year’s Scorecard  for the first time includes a series of case studies that highlight positive — and troubling — developments in global cloud policy:

Data Protection Review Must Foster User Trust, Leave Breathing Room for Innovation

Trade Agreements
: Trans-Pacific Partnership, Other New Efforts Present the Chance to Grow Economies by Facilitating Trade in Data

New Privacy Legislation Takes Balanced Approach by Avoiding Other’s Missteps

Proposed Cloud Computing Legislation Threatens to Undermine
Global Cloud with Country-Specific Rules

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Theme Weight Value
Data Privacy 10% 10
Security 10% 10
Cybercrime 10% 10
Intellectual Property Rights 20% 20
Standards/Int'l Harmonization of Rules 10% 10
Promoting Free Trade 10% 10
ICT Readiness, Broadband Deployment 30% 30